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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Notebook|Movie theater

The Notebook|Movie theater "Behind every great love is a great story."

The Notebook is one of the most popular romantic film ever starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. It was actually based on American romantic novel by Nicholas Sparks.

The story is all about an old man named Noah, reading a story to an old woman which is her wife, in a nursing home. The Notebook is basically the journal that Noah kept recorded everything that happened with Allie & him that he was reading it to her the whole time. It tells about their lives together. Noah is so desperate for Allie not to forget her life, that he sits by her bed from dawn to dusk reading over and over the same notebook everyday. He is showing through this, how precious life, and how forgetting it would be a tragedy. This movie emphasizes true love and how it truly affects one's life. Though it is made with simplicity but with an impact that is so strong to make its viewers enjoy watching, wishing and wanting for more to find out what really happen to the characters in end.

The Notebook|Movie theater

I also read the novel and I idolize Nicholas so much. The way he writes his stories with perfect understanding of his characters, perfect choice of scenes that make the stories and characters seem real. He sends a strong message of faith love & understanding. All novels affect the genre of the story. Are you familiar with the movie, A Walk to Remember? It was actually based on novel and Nicholas Sparks was also the one who wrote that novel. He writes his novel with all the passion and emotions that exists in real life stories.

Truly, this film is an eye opener for us to discover what true love is and made us realize that despite the challenges we face on a daily basis, there are things in life that make the experience truly worth it.

Movie Theater

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