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Friday, November 23, 2007

 Mission Impossible| movie theater

" The Ultimate Mission Collection
of electrifying action,
adventure and excitement.
Expect The Impossible "

Looking for some great spy adventure action? Something which is unique, full of excitement and challenging missions, armed with the latest in high-tech tools. The ultimate mission collection: The Mission Impossible. Remember this complete action series which recall your boyhood spy fantasies. Mission Impossible or originally known as Impossible Mission Taskforce (IMF), a team of government spies and specialists set out to do impossible missions. These secret agent assigned to defeat the combat dictators, evil organizations, and crime lords. Each episode began with the team leader receiving a secret, pre-recorded message containing his mission. Each message would then self-destruct, usually by spontaneous combustion in order not to be traced.

Mission: Impossible is the most successful spy shows and longest-running espionage television series ever produced (1966-1975). It was originally created by Bruce Geller. Due to the popularity of this show, Brian de Palma was inspired and introduced this show into the world of movie theater. This short review shows how this show became popular in both tv series and movie theater and how it influence our lives in the realm of entertainment..

Mission Impossible |movie theater
This adventure, drama, thriller and action packed series was originally created by Bruce Geller. This tv show was premiered on September 17, 1966 and last aired on March 30, 1973. This Impossible Mission TaskForce was composed of various members with different roles:
Peter Graves as The team leader, Barbara Bain as the Model and all around talented female agent, Greg Morris as the Technical Expert, Peter Lupus as the Muscle-Bound and Martin Landau as the Master of Disguise. Jim and his team of agents would always jump into action with an elaborate and intricate plan.
This show was known for it's trademark. A destructing recording tape laying out their team's next mission. "Your mission, Jim, should you decide to accept it, is... As usual, should you or any member of your I.M. Force be captured or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your existence. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Jim."

Mission Impossible | tv showsMission Impossible | tv show reviewMission Impossible | movie theater

Mission Impossible on Movie theater

Mission Impossible |movie theater
As Mission Impossible series became popular and leave a big impact on the genre and on popular culture, Brian de Palma was inspired and introduced this show into the world of movie theater. He take the risk and became successful in adopting this tv series for the fact that some of tv-film adaptation are mostly failed. I think de Palma has definitely some kind of magic to create a movie with the amount of tension enough to catch viewers attention and salutes his great talents.
The movie was starred by Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, member of an elite CIA intelligence task force. He was given an order to investigate the man in Prague who attempts to steal the list of all the secret agents in Europe. Since Ethan was the only one who survive with the operation, he was charged for the deaths of his fellow agents. To prove that he was innocent, Hunt set up another team to look for the real traitor. This movie is full of twist and turns that made its viewers enjoy watching, wishing and wanting for more to find out what really happen to the characters in end.

Mission Impossible | movie theaterMission Impossible | movie theaterMission Impossible | movie theater

Mission Impossible II 2000

Mission Impossible |movie theater
Since this 1996 Mission Impossible became hit in field of movie theater, John Woo decided to direct and create a sequel of Mission Impossible and it was starred again by Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt. The story is all about the destructive "chimeric" virus in Sydney, Australia. This virus has the power to kill millions and destroy the whole country. So Ethan and his team are responsible to get this virus before it falls to Sean Ambrose, a former MIF and traitor who planned to steal the bio- engineered virus. I think this movie was known for incredible motorcycle stunts. John Woo did not adopt any thing from De Palma's movie. He created and used his own vision of what action film should be like. Woo is more modern and known for his slow motion shots, lots of fight and chase scenes, shoot-outs, explosions and extravagant stunt.

Mission Impossible | movie theaterMission Impossible |movie theaterMission Impossible|movie theater

Mission Impossible III 2006

Mission Impossible |movie theater

As usual Mission Impossible strike again in the field of movie theater for the second time around that is why J.J. Abrams created Mission Impossible 3, a combination of the first two films. Since Ethan was happily engaged with Julia (Michelle Monaghan), he planned to leave his spy days behind. Unfortunately, one of his co- agent was kidnapped and implanted with a chip in her brain that could explode. So Ethan called back into action to rescue her co- agent and arrest Owen Davian, suspect of kidnapping ,stealing and selling the dangerous weapon called “Rabbit's Foot”. This movie is full of electrifying action and great special effects like you never seen before. More energized and done amazingly.

Mission Impossible |movie theaterMission Impossible |movie theaterMission Impossible |movie theater

Movie Theater

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Friday, November 9, 2007

Richie Rich | Movie theater
“Big heart is more important than having a big bank account. “

Are you satisfied or happy with your life? Can you define happiness?How about money..What can money buy or what can't money buy? Remember this tv show which is entitled “Richie Rich”? Actually RICHIE RICH was an animated series based on the Richie Rich: The Poor Little Rich Boy comic books which explores the life of the richest boy in the world. He was consider a rich boy because he has everything: he lives in a mansion complete with butler/chaperon, sits at a walnut desk with a computer, fax and shredder and having the latest high-tech toys, even a private McDonalds. But the question is: Richie Rich has enough money to buy anything, is that eno ugh to make him happy and healthy? This show entitles The poor Richie Rich why? because at some point he still be consider a poor little boy. He is lack of normal childhood like doing usual things. Playing sandlot baseball with the local kids or just play until you get wild, dirty and enjoy like usual kids. His money also made him few re al friends.
This show make us realize that money isn't everything, that money cannot buy happiness. Some people praise material things, and for them, that is where happiness lies. To these people, money does bring happiness. But honestly speaking most of the time we found our self unhappy in the end of our life. Why? Because we do not understand the true cause or meaning of happiness. True happiness is composed of abstract things: family,friends, health, love, achievement and integrity. You can’t substitute material things for love or for gentleness or for tenderness or for a sense of comradeship.
There is a particular touching scenes in this show tha
t i love most, when the thieves question Mr. Rich about the contents of his vault, an d then Mr. Rich says "baby shoes, bowling trophies and other family memorabilia. 'MONEY' is not what we treasure".The show teaches viewers that having a big heart is more important than having a big bank account. As time goes by Richie Rich has evolved and reach until 4 seasons and also inspired of many remakes in both tv series and movie theater.

Richie Rich Tv Series (1980-1984)

Richie Rich |tv shows
Originally Aired on ABC Network
Premiered : November 8, 1980
Last Aired: September 01, 1984

Richie Rich |movie theaterRichie Rich |movie theater Richie Rich |tv review

Richie Rich Tv Series(1996- 1997)

Richie Rich |movie theater
Produce by: Harvey Films,
Film Roman, and

Universal Studios
Premiered :
September 21, 1996

Last Aired:

Richie Rich |movie theaterRichie rich|movie theaterRichie Rich| movie theater

Richie Rich on Movie Theater 1994

Richie Rich | movie theater
Directed by:
Donald petrie

Produced by: Davis Entertainment
Realeased by: Warner bros. Pictures

Macaulay Culkin as Richard 'Richie' Rich Jr.

Jonathan Hyde as Herbert A.R. Cadbury, the Rich's butle
Edward Herrmann as Richard Rich Sr.
Christine Ebersole as Regina Rich

John Larroquette as Lawrence Van Dough
Michael McShane as Professor Keenbean
Chelcie Ross as Mr. Ferguson
Mariangela Pino as Diane Pazinski

Stephi Lineburg as Gloria
Jonathan Hilario as Pee Wee Reggie
Jackson as Mr. Jackson, the baseball coach
Claudia Schiffer as Claudia, the Aerobics Instructor
Wanda Christine as Newswoman at Factory

Richie Rich |movie theaterRichie Rich |movie theaterRichie Rich |movie theater

Richie Rich's Christmas Wish 1998

Richie Rich |movie theater
Directed by:
John Murlowski

Produced by:
Mike Elliot & Amy Goldberg

Realeased by: Warner Brothers

David Gallagher as Richie Rich
Martin Mull as Richard Rich

Lesley Ann Warren as Regina Rich
Eugene Levy as Professor keanbean
Michelle Trachtenberg as Gloria
Blake Jeremy Collins as Freckles
Austin Stout as Pee Wee
Keene Curtis as Herbert Cadbury
Jake Richardson as Reggie Van Dough

Richie Rich |movie theaterRichie Rich |movie theaterRichie Rich | movie review

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