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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bewitched| movie theater
" Be warned. Be ready"

Bewitched Series (1965 - 1972)

A fantasy and romantic comedy series that focused on the life of Samantha Stephens (Elizabeth Montgomery), a genuine witch housewife, and his mortal husband Darrin Stephens (Dick York / Dick Sargent), a talented advertising executive for a New York firm. He obsessed with leading a normal, conservative lifestyle, and fearless enough to stand firm against the most powerful witch or warlock. Samantha was a clever role reversal of the women's rights movement. Quite simply, she enjoyed being a homemaker and raising a family, and had the strength of character to live her life on her own terms. She would usually act like a normal human being, as Darrin would insist, but situations involving the family and work usually comes up making her exercise witchcraft in an invariable manner to settle things. This tv show showed how true love can endure the most vexing of situations, even between a witch and a human. It shows how two different worlds are getting together and struggles that married couple face but still remained committed to each other and trying to make their marriage normal. Bewitched explored cultural issues of consumerism, materialism, human vanity, women's liberation, and mass hysteria, always within the shows fantasy concept. This classic tv series was aired from September 17, 1964 to July 1, 1972 on ABC network.

Bewitched|movie theaterbewitched|movie theaterBewitched|movie theater

Bewitched Movie 2005

This 2005 tv shows on movie theater was produced by Columbia pictures and inspired by the original classic television series “Bewitched”. It was directed by Nora Ephron starring Nicole Kidman and Will ferrell. Basically the story follows Isabel Bigelow, a witch who moves into the suburbs with a dream of becoming just an ordinary, average human being. She meet Jack Wyatt, Hollywood actor who's done one too many bad films. To get back on track, he decides to do an updated version of the beloved 1960s sitcom “Bewitched. The two find themselves attracted to one another. A light romantic comedy about a couple finding mutual romantic fulfillment despite their differences.

Bewicthed|movie theaterBewitched | Movie TheaterBewitched|movie theater

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Zorro|movie theater
"In the early days of Spanish California,
there were many in
justices dealt the people by evil Governors.
Only one man opposed them, he
was garbed in black and his name was.....ZORRO."

Zorro a television series about Don Diego, the only son of Don Alejandro. A foppish coward by day--and by night becomes El Zorro, the black-clad fox. He is no altruist; his purpose is to steal back what the tyrant's soldiers have stolen, to save those condemned falsely and to instill a spirit of revolution against their oppressor in his people. "Zorro" was a character created in the image of others of the 19th century who had worn a disguise, played a dual role, championed justice for people against those who would deprive them of it or rob them through excessive taxes and deny them justice under courts.

Follows the adventures of the legendary masked hero “Zorro” as different versions was created, changed and developed through the years of television and cinemas.

Walt Disney's Zorro - 1957 to 1959
The Walt Disney Zorro series is the first version of Zorro to have Don Diego pose as an inept swordsman as part of his cover. Starring Guy Williams as Zorro. This classic tv show ran from October 3, 1957 to September 24, 1959 on ABC network.

Zorro|movie theaterZorro|movie theater

The Mask of Zorro 1974

This film adopted most of the script of the 1940 movie and uses the exact same theme music. The story has been shortened. Starring Frank Langella as Zorro and don Diego.

Zorro| movie theaterZorro|movie theater

Zorro, The Gay Blade – 1981
This movie is satirical and comedy version of Zorro. This tv show on movie theater was serve as tribute to The Scarlet Pimp
ernel and dedicated to Rouben Mamoulian, who directed the 1940 film. Starring George Hamilton as Zorro and Don Diego.

Zorro|movie theaterzorro|movie theater

Zorro and Son - 1983 television series
A short-lived comedy series starring Henry Darrow as Don Diego and Senor Zorro. This series features the life of Zorro at age of 53 and discover he cannot perform Zorro stunts anymore. It is an enjoyable version of Zorro and has some genuinely memorable and amusing moments.
Zorro|movie theaterZorro|movie theater

The New World Zorro - 1990 to 1993 television series

This version follows the story in Disney series and made Zorro even more kinder and gentler.Starring Duncan Regehr as Don Diego and Zorro.

Zorro|movie theater

The Mask of Zorro - 1998 ||The Legend of Zorro - 2005

In this movie, Zorro crawls out from underneath a pile of soldiers and cuts a "Z" on an adversary's neck. He also hides himself in a priest's robes like in the 1920, 1940, and 1974 films and pretends to be a priest in the confessional booth just like in the previous films. Starring Antonio Banderas as Zorro and Alejandro Murrieta.

zorro|movie theaterzorro| movie theater

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Gilmore girls|tv shows
"A mother's love is special
for no one can love like her. "

Gilmore Girls, a humorous multi-generational series about friendship, family and other issues such as love, forgiveness, hatred etc..It's about the relationship between a mother and daughter in a small town in Connecticut.

Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham), 32, manager of the Independence Inn, mother of her daughter Rory (Alexis Bledel), and consider as her daughter’s best friend. Their relationship is like a sister relationship than a parent-child relationship. They often mistaken for sisters. The two share the same interests, the same intellect, though Rory is more serious than Lorelai, but there are tendencies, especially when it comes to love, that clearly indicate she is her mother's daughter. Lorelai's goal is to keep her daughter from making the same mistakes that Lorelai done when she was her age. Lorelai was just Rory's age when she became pregnant and made the tough decision to raise her baby alone.
Gilmore Girls is very emotional and plenty of drama to go around. The show has captured every possible emotion that
exists in real life that makes every viewer relate with. This tv show won the Young Artist award for best family tv drama series category (2001), Family Television award (2002), Young Artist award (2002),Emmy award for Outstanding Makeup for a series (2004), Teen Choice award for the category of tv actress:comedy, TV Show (2005)and for TV- choice chemistry category and choice comedy/musical show (2006).

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wings|tv reviewWings an American sitcom about these three lifelong friends known as the 'three musketeers' included brothers Joe and Brian Hackett both pilots, who ran a one-plane local commuter service called Sandpiper Air and their mutual best friend since childhood Helen a once chubby but now beautiful aspiring concert cellist who ran the lunch counter in the airport. Joe was button-down, organized and serious He dreamed of becoming a pilot as a child, and became the de facto head of the family after their mother disappeared and their father lost his mind. Brian, a hang loose, free spirit. His irresponsibility is often a source of consternation to older brother Joe. It is best to describe as Cheers 2, as it followed some of the pattern as the other series did. The Show was set at the Tom Nevers Field, small airport on the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Wings was nominated for GLAAD Media award for outstanding TV – individual episode category(1997) and Emmy award for Outstanding Lead Actor and Actress category. Won the BMI TV Music award(1992 and 1994). This classic tv show ran for 8 seasons with 172 episodes from April 19, 1990 to May 21, 1997 on NBC network.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Third watch|tv shows

“ Keep Hope Alive
The Heroes who get there first”

Third Watch a long-running crime drama's series, tells the stories of the members of the 55 Squad: police officers, firefighters and paramedics who work the "third watch" between 4 p.m. and 12 a.m, the finest and the bravest who protect and serve the citizens of New York. It shows real issues within each episode, such as relationship situations between the officers of the various departments, personal issues like child care concerns, marital problems, as well as most of the official procedures which the uniformed Officers utilize in the performance of their duties.

Third Watch won the EMMY award for Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series and Prism Commendation for TV Prime Time Drama Series Episode(2000),ALMA award for Outstanding Director of Drama Series(2001),Peabody ward (2002),ASCAP award for Top TV series and BMI Tv Music Award(2003),Golden Award for Best Sound Editing in Television Episodic(2003),two Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series (2003) and Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series (2005).This tv show ran for 6 seasons with 132 episodes from September 23, 1999 to April 29, 2005 on NBC network.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

china beach|tv shows

China Beach was a classic tv show about a groups of doctors, nurses, soldiers just trying to do their jobs in evacuation hospital/USO center during the Vietnam War. It focused on everyday lives of people sent to serve their country and deal with horrors and stresses of the war. The characters of China Beach Vietnam included: tough Army nurse Colleen McMurphy, the naive Red Cross worker Cherry White, USO singer Laurette Barber, and civilian worker/prostitute K.C. Koloski. Some scenes was inserted of animated cartoons to express a character's state of mind, interviews with former military nurses and scripted scenes and capture the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C.. A dramatic tv show that aired from April 26, 1988 to July 22, 1991 on ABC network.

China Beach won the Golden Award for Best TV Series- Drama (1990), Q award for Best Quality Drama Series(1991), Humanitas Prize for 60 minute category (1989) and Emmy award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. Grab a copy of all its Season from 1-4 with its 64 episodes.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

everwood|tv shows
“It's somewhere between father and son.”

Everwood, latest tv show that follows the real struggles of a single parent raising two teenage children and other issues including family, friendships relationship,pregnancy,peer pressure etc., . Dr. Andrew Brown is a world-class neurosurgeon in Manhattan. When a tragic accident happens, he moves his family to Everwood, Colorado because his late wife had told him of her emotional attachment to it. Their lives are changed when they meet the people of Everwood. He didn't spend much time with his family, so after the move there was a lot of rebuilding. There were many fights between Andrew and his son Ephram Brown. There is also Delia Brown, Andrew's little daughter. In the year ahead, father and son will face tough decisions about their future.
Everwood won the Genesis Award for Television- Family Series (2003),nominated for Artios Award for best casting for TV, Dramatic Pilot(2003),TCA award for Outstanding New Program of the Year( 2003) and Teen Choice Award (2004).This tv show ran for 4 seasons with 89 episodes from September 16, 2002 to June 5, 2006 on WB network.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

tv shows
"Hanging out. Down the street.
The same old thing, we did last week!

Not a thing to do, but talk to you!
We're all alright! We're all alright!
Hello Wisconsin!!"

That 70s show American tv show follows the lives of several 17-year-old living in Point Place. Eric Forman was the head of the group. The rest of the gang includes Donna Pinciotti, Eric's liberal girlfriend and next door neighbor. Steven Hyde, a rebellious hard-rocking stoner, Michael Kelso, a dim-witted narcissistic ladies man, Jakie Burkhart, a self-involved high school cheerleader, and Fez, the nicknamed foreigner whose country of origin is ambitious.. The rest of the gang spend most of their time in Eric's basement, pondering their lives, parents, and their futures. It cover a wide range of issues including friendships, feminism, progressive sexual attitudes and some economic issues.

That 70s Show is a Carsey-Werner production. Carsey-Werner is a recognized force for its unique creative and strategic vision. CW's expertise in creative development has garnered it a long list of awards. That 70s Show won the Teen Choice Award for TV- Choice Actor- Comedy(2006). American Choreography Award for Outstanding Achievement in Television – Episodic or Sitcom(2002). Emmy Award for Outstanding Costume Design for a Series (1999). Grab a copy of all its season from 1- 8 with 204 episodes.


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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Gargoyles|tv shows
"One thousand years ago superstition and the sword ruled. It was a time of darkness. It was a world of fear. It was the age of gargoyles."

Gargoyles, an American animated series about a clan of warrior creatures known as Gargoyles that turn to stone during the day, at night they awaken into fierce, intelligent creatures sworn to protect humans and battle crime and injustice. Aided by NYPD detective Elisa Maza, they face not only evil Machiavellian billionaire David Xanatos and his henchmen, human and robotic; rogue gargoyle Demona and of course, understanding humans. A perfect blend of magic, science, comedy, drama, complex stories and three-dimensional characters make for the best animated show ever.

Gargoyles won the Annie Award for Best Individual Achievement for Storyboarding in the Field of Animation (1995) and nominated for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program (1996) and for Best Promotional Production (1997).This tv show ran for 3 seasons with 78 episodes from October 1, 1994 to May 1, 1996 on ABC network.


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